Cross Stitch Quilts

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I love a bit of cross-crafting. You may not know, but I have had extensive cross-stitch practice, although my headaches and neck issues have meant that I’ve had to give up any complex stitching. But a quick little project you can whip up in a few days? I’m in!

Little Miss Shabby has been posting a series of block designs called #quiltystitches which I was grateful to use for these little gifts. Now they have both been received, I can share them with you here! One bookmark has a block sampler, while the second bookmark has a “Swoon” block embroidered in 3 different colourways.


I used whatever colours appealed to me for each block, on scraps of left-over Aida. It was easy to find some cross-stitch monogram patterns on the internet, which gave me the personal touch of an “F” and “J” for the lovely recipients


For the back I used matching dressmaking fabric, sewing around three sides and then turning it inside out. To secure the seams inside, I topstitched around the whole bookmark with a decorative metallic thread.


Simple, cute and a perfect gift!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. And I absolutely love it too Cassie!! Thank you so much *mwah*

  2. These are great – what a fabulous idea! I love the cross stitched swoon blocks. Brilliant!

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