That was the week….

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that was ladies and gentlemen!

Oh, and what a week it was. And I am very glad that it’s over and I have TWO WHOLE DAYS off now!! (insert sarcasm due to extreme fatigue here).

Ok, enough whining. I just did my first full-time week in work since 1998. So understandably, I’m a little shell-shocked. However, work still does not SUCK, and although I’m feeling the strain of the long days things, I’ll feel better once I get in touch with the house and family etc more.

Of course it doens’t help that I’ve got hormone levels like trapeze artists at the moment, after 6 years of being almost entirely NON-hormonal. It’s taking a bit of adjusting for both me, and *skip* who is looking like a deer in the headlights at the moment.

So, apart from working my tushy off for the week, I have also successfully purchased my first item on etsy. This is somewhat of an achievement considering that I actually have nearly 2 pages of items favourited. It’s taken me a long time to take the plunge. I will show you what I got soon, but I can’t yet as part of it is a surprise for someone who ocasionally reads my blog. Ocasionally. Can’t be too safe though.

So, what wonders do I have planned for my 2 days off? Housework, of course. That’s not going anywhere. Washing I think, and more kitchen re-organising. I also have a new handbag all cut out to my imaginary pattern, waiting for a buzz through the sewing machine. Hopefully some scrapping, or at least something resembling scrapping. Some photo editing from our trip to the zoo over a week ago. Just ordinary things.

I am taking Sammy to see the homeopath this week for the first time. His vomiting is just keeping on keeping on, and I can’t take too much more of it. I suspect a wheat/gluten intolerance, judging by his other symptoms and our family history, but we’ll see what Wednesday can do for us first before we make any radical changes. I know all about gluten free diets, and frankly, they are a pain in the butt and I’ll avoid it if I can. Not laziness, just a strong sense of self-preservation of sanity.

Speaking of which, I made a big step towards sanity last week. We finally bought a new fridge. The old one was struggling a bit, freezing up and then not keeping cold enough. Running out of room in the freezer ALL the time. Which is hard when you’re trying to be a frugal simple living working mother and just can’t COOK every night anymore. So the grand plan is to fill this fridge and freezer up with all sorts of yumminess to make life a lot easier. I say plan, as, when photos will follow, there just isn’t that much in the fridge or freezer at the moment. It’s going to take a while to fill. Probably a couple of parties or something.

Oh, and this is the coolest part. My fridge has funky blue mood lighting. I kid you not. Ordinary fridge light on top, blue strip lighting down the back. I have no idea why, but it makes me smile every time I open the door, so that’s got to count for something!

We won’t mention the hernia that *skip* managed to develop moving the darn thing in however. Next time, we’ll just pay the extra $25 for installation. Sheesh. It’s a big fridge.

Ok, I’ve got to go put cupcakes in the freezer now for recess….. I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures! Promise!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. KimJ

    Hooray for the new fridge! The blue light sounds way cool!

    Hope things go well with the homeopath!

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