3 things you can do to improve your “green rating”

Don’t bother googling “green rating” to see what marvellous movement you have missed out on, I just made it up 😉

However, there is a site and movement dedicated to 3 things – which seems like an attainable goal. I haven’t felt I needed to join up, however I wanted to share 3 things that I wish more people were doing, that would make a real difference to the planet, as well as their pocket. 3 things we are doing already, and in some cases, have done for years.

  • Firstly – get rid of your tumble dryer. I have had 2 kids through cloth nappies, for about 5 years straight, and I never owned a dryer. All I seem to hear from friends that are/were dependant on them is how often they break down, how they don’t really get things dry. Also I’ve noticed how much they damage clothes – perishing elastic and wearing out the fabric. Don’t even get me started on the electricity bill. Do your clothes, the planet and your pocket a favour. Use the sun, the wind and the natural heat in your house. We live in a cold climate for many months of the year, where you can have rain or mist for days, however I still manage to get clothes dry. I have a sturdy airer that holds a lot that I use non-stop, either outside undercover, or moving it around to chase the sunshine, or inside near a warm sunny window. If we are using any form of heating, I will always have some washing drying. It’s two for the price of one really.
  • Secondly, take your own bags shopping. I know this seems like an obvious statement, and South Australia has been plastic bag free for a long time now, however it astonished us on holiday in NSW,  and the ACT a couple of years ago to see them still in use everywhere. People thought we were freaks when we produced our re-usable bags everywhere. Something I have yet to do is make some lightweight bags for vegetable shopping, so I don’t bring those plastic bags home with us either. However we still try to reduce how much we use, eg 2 or 3 zucchini or a cauliflower don’t need to be in their own little plastic sack for the drive home. Keep a foldable bag in your handbag for those odd trips and you will use it over and over again. The trick is always remembering to fold it up and put it back as soon as you unload. Then you’ll never be caught short.
  • Thirdly, grow something. Herbs, vegies, flowers. Whatever you have room for in whatever climate you have. We don’t all live on acreage (we don’t!) and we don’t all have green thumbs. But to nuture a life, even a cactus, is rewarding in a way that you’ll never expect. Also, it’s totally addictive. Soon you’ll have a dozen pots and start coming up with creative and inventive ways of fitting them in. Gayla Trail is a good example of this sort of addiction. I love reading her blog, she’s very honest about the high’s and low’s of growing anything. And she’s not afraid to admit she made a mistake and move a plant or make changes. Check her out at You Grow Girl

So, that’s 3 things you could start with. I hope that you are doing some or all of them already! Spread the word, add your own 3 things you wished your friends were doing, start a revolution.

I’ll post again about our house (which we just built) in an ordinary suburban lot, and how we dream of making it more green, and what makes it pretty green already.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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