Measure of a weekend’s worth?

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So, how do you measure the worth of a weekend? Around here it’s by the sore muscles, the contented sense of achievement, and how many muddy or otherwise grubby clothes end up in the wash Monday morning.

This weekend just gone was extremely satisfactory on all counts!

First, we have the beginnings of the conquering of the drainage. Most of which was triggered by the water flooding down from the neighbouring blocks. But we have plans to slope our lawn to the left, so the drain will look after our excess water as well. This might not look like much, but hooking into existing, well buried stormwater pipe is somewhat challenging. And we get to do it all again down the back half. Yay!! Saturday was completely taken up by this by DH and DS1 – the big strong fellas. Don’t be fooled by the grey picture, it was gorgeous weather for most of the weekend.

At the end of the day Saturday, DH, hungry for more work, discovered that tragedy had struck. The unrelenting rain had finally soaked through the multiple layers of canvas that make up our camping trailer (a family heirloom) and the mattresses were, well, bluntly, had it. Soggy, mouldy and ick.

So in the near dark (thankyou dad for years of practice) we put the camping trailer up, to let the rest of the canvas top dry out and assess the damage inside. Thankfully only the tops of the mattresses were victims, it hadn’t soaked through anywhere else, and all was well inside. So, with more rain on the horizon, what were we to do?

Now, I know this looks like a hot mess, but don’t be fooled. It’s actually extremely well organised. And as I keep reassuring DH, it’s only until we get a Garden shed sorted out for all the bikes, lawnmower, and associated equipment. Honest!! At least it scared him so well, he’s ringing around getting concrete quotes for the shed floor today! This mountain of moving things was courtesy of a very concerted effort by DS1, for his muscles, and yours truly for my inherited ability to look at anything, look at the gap, and announce whether it will fit. It is a freakish ability and one that I could only have gotten from my father.

This is the same view, soon after we moved in……

What you can dimly see in the back behind the car is all the stuff we had to move out of the carport to achieve this goal. Including, now rehomed, a vintage rocking horse, lots of computer parts and a large crt monitor, mountains of cardboard etc. The green cupboard dimly seen on the right, moved into the office/sewing room, and it’s been a sifting and sorting process ever since.

Leaving behind, this rather impressive emptiness!!

Where the van had been living outside the family room windows. It’s suddenly a huge space and we are very excited to see it!

Meanwhile, I thought I would give you a dinosaur birth update. We have kept true to our word for this to be a totally natural unassisted birth. I think we are at the stage now where he’s so nearly free of the shell that we will be able to pull him out.

His name is Timothy according to DS1.

Meanwhile, the remaining week of the holidays is busy with concretors coming to quote, dog grooming (did you see the feral fluff-ball lurking 4 photos up?), a Dr’s visit for Ds1, and more relaxing. Pity the weather is turning cold and wet again. Just when we were getting used to the idea of an early spring! What are you up to this July week?Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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