More girls skirt refashioning!

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So, I have been a little busy with making over some more skirts…. a fun and frugal way to add new life to old clothes, and other fabrics around the house. You’d be surprised what you can find if you start looking!



2 cute little silk/mix dresses – the tops were sadly outgrown but there was plenty of life left in the skirts, so, off with the tops!

The fronts were all gathered with flat backs, so it was never going to be a smooth cut, but a little patience and straightening, then we were in business. Sew a new top seam using the existing lining, then stitch in the waistband with elastic, and re-attach the bow for a little feminine touch. Hey presto, 2 skirts!


As fun as these were, they weren’t quite floating my creative boat, so I grabbed some more pillowcases from the opshop, added a beautiful doily – hand painted and embroidered, but sadly out of date for modern times, and what could we concoct next?

First off, an a-line panelled skirt out of cute pillowcase that couldn’t be completely used and a plain pink sheet. Very cute, but still a little plain, so I zig-zagged over a ribbon up the front to just give it a little something extra.


Secondly, I fell for this pretty floral pillowcase, but it was faded in spots and needed some creative rescuing. Enter the simple blue pillowcase underneath it, which had an almost denim look, but without the heavy feel.

One underskirt with frill, one simple over-skirt, and a doily cut in half for a little something to jazz it up. I love this skirt, so super happy with how it turned out.


I hope their little recipients enjoy wearing them as much as I did making them. It took a couple of days to pull all this together and my art-journalling and mixed media are screaming for some attention so I’ll be pulling that out for a while next.

I have to give a rap to my Babylock overlocker though. Wow – this machine does almost everything you could dream of, and it does it so easily too!! Change 4 thread to 3 thread, back to 4, ruffle, rolled hem, oh, and normal overlocked seams as well? No problem. Such a dream to thread and use. It was a serious investment money-wise, but it’s making my life easier every time I use it!!! Love that machine. These skirts would have taken days more having to do things like the ruffle and rolled hem on my sewing machine.

In case you missed them, here are some other skirts from last week that I refashioned.

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So, what have you been refashioning? Any kind of creative re-use counts – share and inspire us all!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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