March is slipping by

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It’s just amazing sometimes how a whole week can go by and you wonder if you even noticed it. Here we are at the start of the new week, and I have no memory of what happened last week. There has been one big achievement for the weekend though, where DH and I went plant shopping on Saturday and have turned this…

Garden bed around the deck, check.
Garden bed around the deck, check.

Into this….





We have planted all grasses, but have given it a bit of variety in foliage and flower colour. The anchor plants are 4 Electric Star Cordylines which lovely variegated leaves, which tie the brown of the timber deck and the green foliage together beautifully. There are 3 Dietes there, in 2 different varieties. 2 different varieties of Dianella also, which is an Australian native grass with very pretty blue flowers. Flanking the path is some Black Mondo Grass, and finishing things off is a lovely Lomandra, which will hopefully survive ok, although it prefers a boggier spot than we are offering. The cream flowers will make the effort worthwhile! Because this bed was already mulched, the hot weather shouldn’t shock our new plants too badly, and we are looking forward to some strong growth from them before winter.

Dietes flowers from our previous garden, 2006
Dietes flowers from our previous garden, 2006

We did spend a little bit on the plants, but it’s amazing what a difference it has made to defining the space already. Suddenly, it makes more sense to have the bark there, and the view from both inside the house and outside is greatly improved.

We saw this a couple of years ago when we were presenting my parents house for sale after Mum died – it was amazing how some really simple things like fresh plants, fresh mulch and a good tidy up made in terms of making things look “finished”. Not that we have any plans to move on from this house any time soon, but it’s just nice to get things all beautiful so we can enjoy them while we are still here, rather than making them look lovely only to sell the house and move out!

So, although it’s technically March now, we are in the middle of a week of 30+ temperatures again, and today being a public holiday, the boys have a friend over and they are all just chilling on the Xbox under the air-conditioning. Hopefully this coming week I will feel a bit more motivated to get back into my sewing and painting, which has been a struggle this week with feeling pretty rotten all week.

Whatever you are doing today, hope you have a good one!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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